I still get extremely nervous when planning for a photoshoot. There are so many factors that comes to play when executing a "perfect" shoot.  
But we all need to start somewhere, right? Over the years, I've accumulated a few tips that I wish I had known earlier, so I'm going to share with you my steps on preparing for a photoshoot for your upcoming collection! 


1. Theme: 

Pre-visualize the concept! Ask yourself-
What do I want to convey and highlight in this collection? Which product will be the main highlight? What mood do I want to evoke? How will I use these images to enhance my brand? 

This is my favorite part of the entire process. It's the time where you can let your creative mind go wild to form the skeleton of your photoshoot. I believe every great photoshoot begins with a well thought out theme. You can use Pinterest, Instagram, or other creative inspiration platforms to gather up imagery and create your mood board. Personally, I like to drag the images from Pinterest onto my desktop. Then I will create a document with all the images and write up little notes and details I like to remind myself for the shoot. 

2. The Photo Team

In my opinion, searching for the right team is the biggest obstacle in this entire process. You need to find the right photographer who can understand and recreate your vision. My sister and I would instagram stalk a bunch of artists in our area. Once you find the right photographer, just simply shoot her/him an email or DM asking if she/he is interested in working with you. (Be nice and genuine!) 
My sister and I reached out to @ben.the.creator for our most recent shoot. We love his variety of shots and that dreamy tone in his photos! He replied to our DMs instantly and directed us to his stylist @stylebythai
This is our first time working with a stylist. Previously my sister and I would do the styling ourselves since we always had a tighter budget. We loved working with a stylist! She saved us a lot of headaches, moreover she was able to captivate the aesthetic we were hoping to achieve through her expertise. 
Once they were both interested in working with our brand, we went straight to the nitty-gritty. The first thing we discussed was cost. We explained to them that we were a startup brand and had a specific budget. They were both very understanding and worked with us. Payment is always an awkward conversation to bring up, but always be up front and clear. I've come to realize that everyone in this industry is super generous and is willing to help. 
I sent them my mood board and things really started to move! First thing on the list is: MODELS! We had to select two models from modeling agency. If you are not familiar with this, do not fret- just ask the photographer and or stylist their recommendation since they are more experienced with working with the agencies. 
After looking at all the wonderful models, we decided to go with @din4ik_di and @yesenialinares

3.  Logistics! 

Now that the team has been assembled the next thing is location! When you are planning your shoot and the concept for your shoot it's inevitable to think of where this shoot would take place. Your mind already preps you. However, if you do not know where to go it is best to converse with your photographer since she/he has a lot more knowledge with locations.
When you have decided on your destination, then it's time to set up time/date. Sometimes you may need to set up a rain-check date since the weather is unpredictable. For our shoot we decided on Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York. 


4. Lights, Camera and Action! 

Before the big day, make sure you have everything organized. All your products you are shooting should be ready in your car. It's best to create a document of the products and print it out, so it'll come in handy when  The more information you provide for the Photo team the better your results will be! Get a good night's rest and everything will turn out great! 
Have fun!! 







July 05, 2022 — Most Wanted USA

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