/mōst/wänted/ adj. 
1. Untamed and unapologetic
There's only one #mostwanted you on this planet. 


To us, #mostwanted means to embrace who you are and be unapologetically yourself. We design trend-driven fashion accessories to encourage your daily wardrobe. Our mission is to accessorize anyone to walk into any room and be their stylish #mostwanted self.

As a group of female entrepreneurs, we value practicality. We aim to create thoughtful designs and add the organization we like to keep our essentials neatly tucked away and easy to access.


Background Story

The Sister duo, Irene and Jenny, set out to chase their #mostwanteddream together - creating a leathercraft company using quality materials at a fair price. They search for the perfect materials to create timeless pieces with a subtle rustic touch.

The inspiration behind the brand was the idea that quality leather should be affordable, timeless, and spark joy. The encouragement of pursuing dreams is in Most Wanted USA's DNA. The company supports artisans worldwide with ethical working conditions, fair wages, access to the global market, and a chance to pursue one's dream.

You can find basic leather belts and unique crossbody bags. In addition, you'll find neutral tones and casual pieces that complement any everyday outfit!


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