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How to take care of leather belt

How to take care of your leather belt

A good pair of leather belts can last for years if taken care of properly. Learn how to take care of your belts so they'll last longer!
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Introducing Our Summer 2022 Collection

Introducing Our Summer 2022 Collection


Coming in Hot! Our Summer and Fall 2022 Collection is finally here!

Our Summer 2022 Collection is finally here! And we've got some amazing new pieces that are perfect for your summer adventures.This season's must-haves include our customer beloved crossbody and satchel. No matter where you are headed this summer, our collection has you covered. Soak up the sun in one of our cute purses! With a variety of silhouettes and prints to choose from, you'll be sure to find the perfect bags for any occasion. Whether you're headed to the beach or a backyard barbecue, our bags will keep you cool and stylish all summer long.  So dive into our Top 10 favorite Summer and Fall 2022 Collection and start planning your next getaway!

Best Overall: Gold and Silver Studded Camera Strap Crossbody

This season’s must-have? A hands-free camera bag that doubles as a chic summertime crossbody. The best part? Our Gold and Silver Studded Camera Strap Crossbody comes complete with an adjustable strap, so you can wear it your way. Whether you’re hitting the farmers market or exploring a new city, this bag will keep your essentials close at hand – and your hands free for snapping photos. Shop this bag now!


Material: Vegan leather | Size: 8" x 2.5"x 5.5" | Number of Pockets: 2 | Drop Length: 17"-22" | Closure: Magnetic

Most Unique: Classic Quilted Crossbody with Gold Spinning Buckle

This bag is sure to turn heads with its unique quilted crossbody style and gold spinning buckle. The perfect piece to add a touch of luxury to any outfit and the spinning buckle makes it even more fun! Shop this bag now!

Model wearing Classic Quilted Crossbody with Gold Spinning Buckle
Material: Vegan leather | Size: 8.5" x 3"x 5.5" | Number of Pockets: 2 | Drop Length: 11"-21" | Closure: Magnetic

Most Studded: Gold Studded Vegan Leather Chain Bag

This bag is perfect for a summer night out! The gold studs add just the right amount of edge, while the vegan leather gives it a luxurious feel. The chain strap is also detachable, so you can wear it as a clutch! Shop this bag now!

Model Wearing Gold Studded Vegan Leather Chain Bag

Material: Vegan leather | Size: 8" x 2"x 6" | Number of Pockets: 2 | Drop Length: 22.5" | Closure: Locket

Most Colorful: Lizard Print Gold Oval Buckle Satchel

This is the most colorful piece in the collection and it will surely turn heads! The gold hardware and lizard print make it a statement piece that can be dressed up or down. It’s the perfect size for carrying all your essentials and comes with an optional crossbody strap. Shop this bag now!

Model wearing Lizard Print Gold Oval Buckle Satchel
Material: Vegan leather | Size: 7.5" x 3"x 6" | Number of Pockets: 2 | Drop Length: 22" | Closure: Magnetic

Most Eye-catching: Foiled Chain Flap Satchel

This colorful and fun piece is perfect for a day out on the town, or even as an addition to your summer travel wardrobe. The gold-tone hardware and unique chain strap in the middle make this piece stand out, while the inside zipper pocket keeps your belongings secure. With the long days of summer finally upon us, it's time to start thinking about our wardrobes. And what better way to get excited for the warm weather than by shopping for some new, trendy pieces? Shop this bag now!

Model wearing Foiled Chain Flap Satchel

Material: Vegan leather | Size: 8.25" x 3"x 6" | Number of Pockets: 2 | Drop Length: 14"/16" | Closure: Locket

Most Trendy: Tweed Houndstooth Chain Crossbody

This timeless piece comes in a classic tweed houndstooth print. The gold chain strap gives it a touch of luxury, while the crossbody design keeps it practical. The houndstooth tweed is classic and timeless, and the silver-tone chain strap is both stylish and functional. Whether you're running errands or meeting friends for coffee, this bag will be your new go-to. Shop this bag now!

Model wearing Tweed Houndstooth Chain Crossbody

Material: Tweed, Vegan leather | Size: 9" x 2.5"x 6" | Number of Pockets: 2 | Drop Length: 12"-22.5" | Closure: Locket

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How to prepare for a photoshoot?

How to prepare for a photoshoot?


I still get extremely nervous when planning for a photoshoot. There are so many factors that comes to play when executing a "perfect" shoot.  
But we all need to start somewhere, right? Over the years, I've accumulated a few tips that I wish I had known earlier, so I'm going to share with you my steps on preparing for a photoshoot for your upcoming collection! 


1. Theme: 

Pre-visualize the concept! Ask yourself-
What do I want to convey and highlight in this collection? Which product will be the main highlight? What mood do I want to evoke? How will I use these images to enhance my brand? 

This is my favorite part of the entire process. It's the time where you can let your creative mind go wild to form the skeleton of your photoshoot. I believe every great photoshoot begins with a well thought out theme. You can use Pinterest, Instagram, or other creative inspiration platforms to gather up imagery and create your mood board. Personally, I like to drag the images from Pinterest onto my desktop. Then I will create a document with all the images and write up little notes and details I like to remind myself for the shoot. 

2. The Photo Team

In my opinion, searching for the right team is the biggest obstacle in this entire process. You need to find the right photographer who can understand and recreate your vision. My sister and I would instagram stalk a bunch of artists in our area. Once you find the right photographer, just simply shoot her/him an email or DM asking if she/he is interested in working with you. (Be nice and genuine!) 
My sister and I reached out to @ben.the.creator for our most recent shoot. We love his variety of shots and that dreamy tone in his photos! He replied to our DMs instantly and directed us to his stylist @stylebythai
This is our first time working with a stylist. Previously my sister and I would do the styling ourselves since we always had a tighter budget. We loved working with a stylist! She saved us a lot of headaches, moreover she was able to captivate the aesthetic we were hoping to achieve through her expertise. 
Once they were both interested in working with our brand, we went straight to the nitty-gritty. The first thing we discussed was cost. We explained to them that we were a startup brand and had a specific budget. They were both very understanding and worked with us. Payment is always an awkward conversation to bring up, but always be up front and clear. I've come to realize that everyone in this industry is super generous and is willing to help. 
I sent them my mood board and things really started to move! First thing on the list is: MODELS! We had to select two models from modeling agency. If you are not familiar with this, do not fret- just ask the photographer and or stylist their recommendation since they are more experienced with working with the agencies. 
After looking at all the wonderful models, we decided to go with @din4ik_di and @yesenialinares

3.  Logistics! 

Now that the team has been assembled the next thing is location! When you are planning your shoot and the concept for your shoot it's inevitable to think of where this shoot would take place. Your mind already preps you. However, if you do not know where to go it is best to converse with your photographer since she/he has a lot more knowledge with locations.
When you have decided on your destination, then it's time to set up time/date. Sometimes you may need to set up a rain-check date since the weather is unpredictable. For our shoot we decided on Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York. 


4. Lights, Camera and Action! 

Before the big day, make sure you have everything organized. All your products you are shooting should be ready in your car. It's best to create a document of the products and print it out, so it'll come in handy when  The more information you provide for the Photo team the better your results will be! Get a good night's rest and everything will turn out great! 
Have fun!! 







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How to style your outfit with concho belt

How to style your outfit with concho belt

Brief History of concho belt.

Concho belts are belts embellished with decorative discs called conchos. During the 1860s and early 1870s, Navajos (Diné) learned silversmithing from Hispanic artisans from New Mexico and Plains IndianIn from Colonia sources in the eastern United States. Since then, Metal such as Mexican pesos, U.S. American dollars and ingot silver were melted and recast to form decorative pattern. By 1890s turquoise was increasingly obtained and used in creating concho belt and other decorative accessories. [1] Up until now, concho belt is still our mid-west US people beloved accessory for their day to day wear. 

How we style our concho belt

Concho belts held its historic value and it is a lively piece of art that can be used as an accessory. Concho belt is a subtle way to inject some individuality into your look without going overboard. Wear your concho belt with your cowboy boots and a plaid shirt for a full-on western look that will turn heads. Concho belt can be worn in a variety of ways. The following are some of our favorite outfits: 

1. The girly look: concho belts look great with a plain dress, giving your look a subtle western feel. Link to belt

Model wearing Mini Oval Turquoise Concho Chain Belt in white dress
Looks great in black plain dress too! Link to belt
Model wearing Turquoise Bordered Heart Chain Belt in black dress
And...of course the grey dress :) Link to belt
Model wearing Tooled Oval Concho Chain Belt in grey dress

2. The classic: wear your concho belt with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual look. The concho belt helps to cinch your waist and add some style. Link to belt


Model wearing Black Western Boho Concho Leather Belt in black top and blue jeans
Zoom in model wearing Mini Oval Turquoise Concho Chain Belt outdoor
 3. The western cowgirl look: combining a skirt, a western hat and a pair of cowboy boot with a concho belt. Link to belt
model wearing Tooled Oval Concho Chain Belt in black skirt
5. The unique style: Wear with any one piece. Put yourself in the spotlight with the concho belt. Link to belt
model wearing Mini Oval Turquoise Concho Chain Belt in green one piece

The concho belt: a timeless fashion statement

A concho belt is a classic accessory that looks great with everything. A concho belt is the ideal finishing touch for any outfit, whether you're getting ready for a formal event or just want to dress up a bit more casually. A concho belt is a type of leather or linked belt that is decorated with conchos. Silver or brass conchos are the most common, but other metals such as copper or gold are also used. With jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts and even a swimsuit, you can wear your concho belt. If you're looking to add some Western flair to your outfit, this is a great option. You need a concho belt in your wardrobe, whether you're a native Texan or just want to channel your inner cowgirl. Add one to your collection right now!



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